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So smart. Many have criticized Conversational UI as hard to use and awkward. Typing a command is a lot harder than clicking/tapping a button. This is a big change to the platform. Will be interesting to see what use cases emerge here. We need to update Kittybot by Product Hunt . 😸
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@rrhoover Just wait until commerce/food delivery services integrate into this. It will be huge!
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@rrhoover so when is Slack buying Trello?
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@mager this will make Postmates-powered Philz roll calls even easier 😀 (cc @jacobjaber @Basti)
@rrhoover User adoption is everything. And, digital illiteracy is a real challenge (based on personal experience in helping companies with an older workforce attempt to change digitally.) This broadens Slack's ability to help that population.
@rrhoover we described 2 use cases we implemented in http://talkus.io (customer support in Slack) https://medium.com/talkus/how-th...
A few people from the Slack platform team will be hanging out here to ask questions if you have any! Our goal here was twofold: make apps and bots much easier to use (when all you need is a quick, clear response), and make it a lot easier for developers to ask easy questions. Would love your feedback!
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@buster it's awesome, now we want other form input (dropdown, input text, checkboxes :), yes I know give them a finger, and they'll take the whole hand
@acemtp how convenient, though, because we want to give you the whole hand! ✋
@buster Well done guys! This is super clever, convenient and useful, one more feature that I'll be using a lot of times, thumbs up!
@buster Is your name really Buster or is this really deep commitment to an Arrested Development joke?
@jon4fish It's really Buster! There may be a longer story there, though. :)
Talkdesk is honored to be a part of this exciting launch! Message buttons help close the agent-supervisor feedback loop during coaching sessions via Slack. Call center agents can now click a simple button to inform their supervisor that they've got it, or need more help. This allows agents to focus their attention on callers, instead of their internal communications. For more information on Talkdesk for Slack, check out www.talkdesk.com/slack.
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We were one of the partners that launched with Slack's message buttons! One of the coolest features that sets it apart from other messaging apps is that the buttons can update to reveal new options: It allowed us to design a home button on chat. One of the biggest problems with bots is people rarely remember what is the correct command to give.
Very thrilled to be part of the launch of Slack Message Buttons, not just as developers but also as users. With Kyber, we build an entire productivity suite *within* Slack: • Project management • Task delegation • Team Calendar • Personal productivity (to-do list, reminders, events) ...without leaving Slack! I wrote about our experience as users here: https://medium.com/companyons-bl...
@sivola loved reading your Medium article