Slack for Windows

A stand-alone app for Slack for Windows 7+

#4 Product of the DayMarch 19, 2015
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Hi everyone, lead developer on the Slack for Windows app here. We're excited to bring an app to Windows that is as much of a joy to use as our Mac application, and we've finally finished our initial release to the world. Our app has a lot of features that are nice for Windows folks - it runs in the Tray similar to many messaging apps on Windows, it has great support for multiple teams, so you don't have to keep N browser tabs open, and our notifications are definitely better than the Chrome ones (for example, the Taskbar icon flashes even when you might have missed the notification, so you know something is up). From a technical side, Slack for Windows is built using Atom Shell, ES6, and RxJS. Since we're guaranteed to have Chrome 40 (one behind the current release), we were able to use all the latest built-in web technologies in our app like the Picture tag and JS animations, that web developers are still waiting to use. Hope you enjoy the app!
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@paulcbetts Thanks for the great work.I'm using Slack for Mac having a little trouble there…
@paulcbetts Great work, awesome product. If you are using different technologies on the Windows client, how do you keep the frontend code in sync across various platforms?
Hey @paulcbetts the team should submit the Slack web app to WebMenu. Make sure to get it verified so we can also feature it.
Really happy to see this land, finally! Keep up the great work folks!
Wait this whole time they haven't had a Windows desktop app?
@clarklab Nope! The Chrome app was effective enough for me. You could pin it to the taskbar and let it run in it's own fullscreen window. That's the beauty of Slack, universally immaculate experience across all platforms.
Congrats on the launch, @stewart and team. Somewhat related: what are your thoughts on the Apple Watch and how Slack might work with wearables or other new interfaces?
@rrhoover Too soon for me to really say! We're doing our best to design for 'em, but until they are live in the wild it's really hard to imagine what the day-to-day experience will be.
@rrhoover @stewart As a windows junkie (I'm retarded, that's understood) thanks! everyone else in the office can join the conversation without moaning about Chrome plugins.