Slack Events API

Subscribe to events in Slack via HTTP

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Cecilia Stallsmith
Platform @ SlackHQ
We've got a new API for Slack developers! The Events API is a new way to build apps that respond to activity as it happens, in Slack. Previously, the only way to make apps that respond to activity in Slack was using the RTM API. Although the RTM API is great for our own clients, it provides too much data for apps to handle well and is difficult to scale. The Events API resolves these problems (and more!) by creating a way for developers to subscribe to specific types of events in Slack via HTTP. This is HUGE step for our platform in that it enables developers to build apps that scale to all of our customers.
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A great addition to the Slack API @cecistalls. I wrote a tutorial about how to use the new Events API to quickly build bots with HyperDev ( HyperDev is a great fit for Slack bots as it provides an SSL-enabled URL, hosts and runs your back-end code, there's a database for persistence and it allows multiple people to collaborate on bot code, making it easier and faster to build Slack bots. Oh, and it's free.
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Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
Awesome! @sean_a_rose tell us about the Slack Event API :) What wonderful things can people do with it?
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Aaron Taylor
Co-Founder @ Diffeo
This is super exciting! We'll definitely be using this for the Slack integration we have built out as part of @metasearch!
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Paolo Perazzo
Building products, enterprise & consumer
This is great - it opens up so many new opportunities for devs and ultimately for users. Slack as a platform is becoming more powerful day after day - thank you!
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