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The community submitted 22 reviews to tell us what they like about AccessOwl, what AccessOwl can do better, and more.
What do you think about AccessOwl?
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22 Reviews
Niklas Higi
Software Developer
2 reviews
AccessOwl is a must-have for startups that have to do proper access reviews for ISO/SOC2 but don't have the budget for Enterprise budget solutions like Okta yet! Give it a try and see what kind of unused user accounts you didn't know you still had lying around ;)

anna khomaziuk

Design at Eleken.

185 reviews
Incredible product, exceeded expectations! Highly recommend!

Charles Bai

Founder & Leadership at Paces

1 review
Congrats on launching AccessOwl 2.0! A much needed solution for any company using SaaS products, solves real problem with a modern approach. Excited to try it out!

Finally, a solution to a heavy frustrating problem: granting access to SaaS tools for employees who moved to another company. Super practical solution that fits perfectly into the busy everyday life of a startup - love it! 🫶

Fabian Rothfuß
Co-Founder @ Kombo (YC S22)
1 review
Thanks to the AccessOwl team for building this! We're already happy customers and it helps us keep track of the chaos and gives us one less thing to worry about for compliance :)

Mihri Minaz

Engineering at beams

4 reviews
It is very handy to fetch all the existing permissions from GSuite and handle them on slack. Otherwise I need to check it every now and then whenever I have a breach paranoia 🙃 Does it notify me on slack when an employee gives access to a 3rd party app?

Aike Hillbrands

Head of Engineering at Kombo

3 reviews
Fantastic product that the people at AccessOwl are building! We are customers, and it‘s making our compliance access reviews super easy and straightforward. Thanks to that, we were able to reduce the access chaos for our SOC2 and ISO 27001 certification :)

Love it. Keep up the good work!

Jonathan Low

CEO, Co-Founder at Ajourney

2 reviews
Congrats on the launch! It looks really easy to use. How would AccessOwl work for apps that are independent or do not rely on a Google login? If not, do you plan to support that? Thanks!
Mathias Nestler
We don't just check apps that have Google Login enabled but we query specifically for invitations from apps. So we're able to find all the accesses :-) Feel free to book a demo with us so that we can show you more.

Marshall Johnston
Co-Founder, Caddie
1 review
I had access to an a company slack for about 6 months after leaving. And the only reason I lost it was because I told them. I can only imagine the security implications of that. This makes so much sense.