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Email is dead.
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@chrismessina and can I get this live band to play for me while I Slack everyday?
@kunalslab yup, that feature is rolling out over the next couple weeks to enterprise users. 🎸🎺🎷
@chrismessina well perhaps internally. email is almost purely for speaking to customers/partners and calendaring for me.
@chrismessina Hahaha no it's not. It won't be for a very long time!
@chrismessina not until i can simply enter in someone's "slack" address without "joining" their slack.
Nice. This makes total sense for large organizations that need silos and control over them. Slack's challenge going into this will be maintaining a simple and intuitive interface for admins, unlike GSuite, whose admin UX is unintuitive and duct-taped together legacy UI's coupled with bad documentation. I think Slack can (and must) do it, as this will be such an important part of their core business!
@davidbyttow As Slack adds more and more functionality, I agree that intuitive UX will always be their biggest challenge. Does anyone else besides me think that Threads really missed the mark in this regard? On the desktop client I find I have less, not more, ability to maintain context and quickly respond. I get a notification and I find myself struggling to find the relevant message and take action. It's either siloed to the bottom right corner of the sidebar, which is the worst place to require focus, or it's in an awkward reverse chronological scroll view cluttered by other irrelevant threads that span across all channels. Maybe it's just me but my productivity and enjoyment of using Slack has decreased significantly since Threads.
@ethosventures I definitely agree that Threads feels a bit out of place. I think there are some subtle UX tweaks they could make and polish to make it faster/easier. It's a bit clunky, so we just don't use it. Curious how adoption is though!
@ethosventures no one on my team understands/likes it either
Just announced from Slack! “This is an evolution of Slack’s very beginnings to help teams do the best work together,” remarked Noah Weiss, the head of Slack’s Search Learning and Intelligence (SLI) group in an interview with VentureBeat. “Slack has always been a tool for large enterprise, but it grown from the bottom up (from sales, marketing, engineering, etc.) and it spreads. What we wanted to do is build a tool that not only teams loved, but also entire companies, deployed across the enterprise.” More coverage on VentureBeat: Slack expands beyond teams to entire organizations with Enterprise Grid Watch their livestream
Huge step for slack, excited to see more widespread enterprise adoption!
When you combine Enterprise Grid with the upcoming channel highlights, prioritized readings, and daily briefings features...Slack is about to become way more awesome when you're dealing with cross-functional team scenarios.
Congrats to the Slack team!