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Easy way for other teams to install your incoming webhooks

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Slack currently makes it really easy to build custom integrations for your own team, but we also want to make it super easy to distribute your apps so that other teams can easily install them. This is the first step in that direction... now you can put this "Add to Slack" button on your site and anyone can install your incoming webhook on their team. Some of us will be checking back to answer any questions/feedback people have. Curious to hear your thoughts!
This was really easy to integrate, nice work @buster ! I made Cat Facts for Slack :)
@jazzychad Awesome! You get the prize for quickest integration post-launch. 🏆
Cool. This addresses a very real problem. Currently the effort required to help our users get our integration set up correctly inside their Slack team is really high touch. I'm looking forward to using this!
This is great @buster, will you be supporting slash commands soon? I could then make it very easy for people to integrate
@neiltak Yes, you've guessed our next move. :)
@buster any idea when this slash command option will be available?
@jameskoole @neiltak thanks - yeah this is good news! :-)
@buster amazing! Look forward to that dropping :)