Sketch for Teams

Take design collaboration to the next level in the cloud

Take collaboration to the next level. Share designs and prototypes, provide feedback and collaborate with your whole team in a single workspace.
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Adobe XD
Invision Studio
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Anyone using abstract?
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@ahmet_bektes Abstract is probably the best version control tool for designers atm.
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we are also using Abstract but I think that in the long run this movement of Sketch can hurt Abstract..
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@ahmet_bektes Sketch Teams is a generic implementation, I don’t think it will hurt Abstract for people using it in the way it’s meant to be used. But for teams that find Abstract confusing (or bogged down by slow commits) it could.
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@ahmet_bektes We have been using for about 2 years and sadly have to say its progressively getting worse, our product has slowed heavily due to the resources required, and sync speed. also the cost for small teams is excessive.
Looks like this is Sketch's answer to all of the Figma functionality. I'm excited to try it out!
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@ridderingand_ I would've expected that, but it seems that there's no real-time collaboration and no annotations (comments which are tied to a certain element in the file).
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@ohadisohad Their mini roadmap graphic shows that it's coming soon. How soon "soon" is? No idea lol.
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@ohadisohad @ridderingand_ it should likely all drop this year. This is an open beta for some of the more basic features of it. If I had to guess, within the 3-month​ time span of the trial, most of this will be implemented.
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@ridderingand_ @ohadisohad It's a beta, so expect more things coming soon :)
@ridderingand_ Yeah, it's always fun to play around with new toys.
If anything I think this will hurt Abstract's business more than Figma's. I still think Sketch is a better product, but the fact that Figma is browser based, free, and has real-time collaboration still has it standing out from Sketch. Plus, when plugins come to Figma it'll get much more interesting...
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@hunterbecton how do you use "real time collaboration" in ux/ui design?
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@josefrichter1 You just design together in a single file and have no worries about overriding or working on something old. It just works without any effort.
@hunterbecton I agree. Feels like in the (not so distant) future you're either going to own the whole design workflow or own none of it. Which is the reason Invision invested so much into Studio. Tools like Zeplin, Abstract, Avocode, etc. will have less and less of a place.
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@josefrichter1 @hunterbecton real time collaboration is also great when commenting on things... often it will trigger 2-4 ppl making small modifications while using Comments or slack to discuss. Basically an impromptu design review on in-progress work in small chunks of time. It’s not really for large scale collaborations, but being able to do real time collaboration completely changes how you use the tool and the team dynamic. Hard to really get it until you experience it. (Aside from avoiding the nightmare of managing multiple versions of files, which is an obvious pain).
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@hunterbecton @josefrichter1 while it fell to the wayside, axure handled that very well. you could "check out" specific screens or masters from a file, allowing others to work on other parts of the same the file.
sketch is losing audience because of its pricing, I don’t understand why I need to pay $99 when I can use a more stable and more functional tools like Figma FOR FREE, as i see sketch team must DO MORE than just "team" mode, lol sketch... lol
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@mpavlukevich dude, $99 is nothing for a tool that you use to make a living...
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@mpavlukevich @josefrichter1 also you basically get teams (or Sketch) for free, since it’s the same price as a license
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@mpavlukevich Not even Product Hunt is free from trolling. Sketch is a totally stable product. Sketch is also cash flow positive, whereas Figma is all VC funded, with growing revenue. There are definite trade-offs and preferences amongst people, but the problems aren't easy to solve, especially when talking native apps.
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@mpavlukevich I think people are willing to pay money for a tool if it's worth the cost. Sketch has been invaluable for years, but competitors are catching up. Adobe XD is free and can not only compete with Sketch on features, it's less buggy and is growing exponentially. I think their biggest mistake was not expanding to Windows, but also not fixing all of the bugs that have plagued Sketch for years now.
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@mpavlukevich @josefrichter1 Correct, you need to pay people to build good shit.