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You can see a looooong list of the updates here and the announcement post on Medium
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Improved Vector Editing and More: https://blog.sketchapp.com/impro...
@kevin_granger Thanks for posting. Would you please update it to say Sketch 40 :) Sketch 4.0 is incorrect.
@galyailiev arg sorry for the confusion!
Is Sketch crashing upon load for anyone else after updating? :(
@jamesfzhang perfect update for everyone in the team.
@jamesfzhang Try unplugging it, waiting 30 seconds and plugging it back in.
They're finally addressing my biggest issue with Sketch, which is horrible shape/layer selection and manipulation. Sometimes it makes me go insane for a couple seconds.
Fantastic update and I hope that the Sketch team works on vector editing for the next 10 versions as well 😁