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How easy is Sketch to get the hang of for someone who's looking to just get started in design?
@ryangilbert it has its quirks, but it was easy for me and I ain't no designer
I L-O-V-E Sketch. It's a great tool even if you're not an experienced designer. I use it for both basic wireframes and full mockups. Can't imagine going back to any other mockup tools.
Using sketch for all design work these days. So good.
Love it as a non-designer who ends up doing design work sometimes. Photoshop was such a b*tch, this does what I expect it to almost every time.
I'm hearing great things about Sketch but haven't used it myself yet. Sketch fanboys, check out @Jonnotie's Sketch Resources site. @alexbaldwin - have you made the switch yet? :)