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One of the team members checking in. Our team on Assembly ( built this thing in 7 days. It has been a pretty crazy past few days, but I'm here (and trying to stay awake) to answer any questions. Here's our blog post about launching:
This could be very useful. I used to monitor who signed up on PH daily, sending personal emails to people I recognized, journalists, and well-connected people (although I'd love to email everyone that joined PH, I of course have finite time). This was an important part of building our early community. How are you identifying these people and qualifying them as "VIP's"?
@rrhoover We're grabbing information about their social accounts and the company they work out from which also includes a nice score which we check against a threshold. There was some discussion about writing a more complex algorithm but in efforts to ship in 7 days we went with the quicker option, which actually seems to be pretty solid. Here's that discussion if you're curious:
Would love an iOS or Android version!
Incredibly cool (assuming there are deep ways to tweak who's a VIP)
Cool service. Would be really useful to have Slack integration to easily tie into our existing comms channels rather than email
@kayvz That's an excellent idea. We actually already do something really similar on Assembly: I'll open a bounty for the community to discuss further. Thanks.