Google's new tool to supercharge your social life

Hand-picked things to do with others who share your interests. It’s fun, easy and free.
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What is the over/under on when this will get closed down?
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@ejameswill i give it half a year
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@ejameswill I give it a year... it will get 3 months of "curiosity use" and then die a slow death for the next 9 months...
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@ejameswill Hard to say. If it gets a national release with advertisers paying to be listed as good places/products/etc for local events &/or activities it'll be around for a few years. If not, they'll pick out the "good parts" & try again within a year.
@ejameswill So Steve Stevens, the Facebook killer, I'm pretty sure H1-B guys sicced him after me because I was cutting in on their market. This is obviously a hook up app for Bohemians. What protections do Sergey and Larry have in mind to prevent communicable disease? Or crime? There are serial murderers active. A bunch of Epsteins and Chapos, their commie decadent friends. I bet they are just licking their chops at this. Sergey, Larry, Zuck, Gates, Ellison, they're all Marxists, right? So who cares if a hundred thousands of Americans die of bird flu, or even something worst. All that matters is VP CCP Xi is happy. And we should eat your LIBRA garbage as you attack the dollar with a big BAN BOSSY smile on our face, huh Ms. Sandberg? MONEY. OR PRISON.
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Probably going to shutdown after a year 😂
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The newest Google social effort coming from the Area 120 studios. Get to know more from The Next Web's coverage:
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Interesting, I was about to create something similar, but more conversation oriented. Curious how it evolves and when it will be available in Europe or even Austria...
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I would never invest on anything Google. Their track of cancelling/closing down projects and using everybody as their guinea pigs has left a really bad taste in my mouth...
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