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#1 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2017

Facebook Local is an app to keep up with what’s happening locally—wherever you are—whether you’re looking for something to do with friends this weekend or want to explore a new neighborhood.

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I can give a little history to this product as I have worked on it and with the teams for the past 2.5 years. The Events app was created because there are a lot of people who like finding and attending events on Facebook. We have and Events bookmark which aggregates Events on Fb but as Parker notes it was tough to find and not that convenient for the people who were regular users. We broke that bookmark out into a stand alone app and have been working on it ever since. Over a year ago, Patrick Keenan, the designer of the Events (now Local App), sent me a long email explaining "over time the Events app becomes a local app". His basic argument was that it seemed inevitable that if people were finding events they would probably want to find a restaurant or bar near that event. We have 65 million businesses on Facebook (Pages) and being able to help people connect with those businesses inside the context of Events or more broadly, "things to do" just made sense. While people will naturally look at this through a competitive lens, that was not our motivation. Our motivation is to help friends spend time together off Facebook and you often do that "locally" at events and businesses.
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@jlax The evolution of that idea makes a lot of sense, although I feel that people won't necessarily see it as a place to find Events considering the name change and marketing. I find the idea of a Facebook Events app (something I didn't know about until today) far more exciting than ONE MORE WAY to find restaurants. Additionally as someone who uses the Moves app, my trust in Facebook's location database and caring about products like this is seriously eroded. Facebook bought moves and completely abandoned it, and switched it from using the fantastic FourSquare location database to the Facebook one which is filled with duplicates, typos, outdated locations, and bad information. Considering how long it has taken for Apple Maps to get even close to a decent experience, how do you guys expect to do any better in that regard when Yelp, FourSquare, and Google have such a head start on you?
@mattaningram There are a bunch of questions here and I will try and answer them as well as I can. Please remember, I am here speaking ABOUT Facebook and the products but I don't speak FOR Facebook. Please take my answers in this context. I use Moves everyday and it still recursively reports into me. There are many Moves fans here. I would like us to do more on the product... I'll leave it at that. I think you have a fair criticism of the coverage and quality. We are working very hard on improving this and it is improving. The team cares about this and has concrete goals to make it better. The reality is that everyone's location db is strong in certain parts of the world. 4sq is really strong in North America and especially dense urban ares in North America. So you experience the best of the best in your day to day with 4Sq. But if you lived in Brazil or the Philippines (just examples) it may not work as well as it does in NYC. Part of Apple's progress is due to large investments in OSM. We are also a big contributor to OSM with Apple. I could write a longer post on maps products and their competitive forces that drive it but I can leave that for another time. I will say that we have some exciting updates to maps that are in tests (you may see them in Canada). Overall, improving our maps experience is something I am personally passionate about and have been driving internally. The Events App was built for people who attend a lot of events. I know you are a social guy Matt but you and I are past our bar hopping times. So I am not surprised it wasn't on your radar. I don't think this is just about finding a place to eat, although that is something people like to do. I think of it as trying to build essential utility to help people go out into the world and do things. Sometimes that is eating. Of course there are a lot of products that try to help people do this. Having mature competitors who build great products makes our job more challenging to build differentiated and valuable products. But I think we have some products (Pages, Events, the social graph) that can help us build something valuable.
@jlax 65 millions businesses thats huge figure. And they are from how many cities?
@jlax Thank you for the super thorough and interesting answer! I'm excited to see any improvements you can make to the location db for Moves and Local. If you guys still like and use Moves, check out what is going with the Gyroscope team. They are beginning to look into ways to do even better. More competition is always good!
@jlax According to Google Play, none of my units are compatible. And the webpage offers me to be noted when the app'll be available. So I assume you have a launch plan for where and when it will be available. Can you reveal a bit about that?
A year ago, Facebook launched its Events app, a welcome addition to my iPhone. Facebook is the best event discovery platform, imo. Today they renamed the app and expanded to more than just event discovery, helping people find businesses and things around them. This is a big swing toward Yelp and Foursquare (curious if @dens has thoughts on this). This makes their recent expansion into food delivery make even more sense.
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@rrhoover that's not true, there are more apps that use FB events, www.abend.com for example
Is it me or does it have a similar look to Airbnb? Maybe cuz it's using the system font and black and white? I'm still sticking to Foursquare/Swarm 😄
@megaroeny Foursquare? What year is it?!
@elliot_s_volkman LOL! Yes that's right. I like how they're the Twitter version of Yelp. And I love Swarm especially. Plus, my wife's cousin is the CFO at Foursquare!! 😄 So I enjoy supporting family. Their new redesign is fantastic too. Have you seen it? Unless you don't care for checking in. I like keeping a timeline and track of places I went to.
I think this has been a part of Facebook for a while now. It's just been buried within the app and hard to discover. Separating it into its own app makes sense (similar to the strategy behind Messenger).
Many events locally aren't always launched on FB; Should add Eventbrite events, Meetup events, and also other channels (TED etc.) that post events so all events locally are reachable, no? Should give anyone wanting to post an event who doesn't want to give FB their info ability to do so, for an aggregate list of local events from all channels, not just FB, right? Right now I can use the FB Graph API in-browser and make one call to it to get a list of all events around me in list - what if the events I really want aren't on FB though? Where are all local events gathered for an aggregate list? That's more value to users imho - just sayin, I could build this at a hackathon in less than 5 hours with Angular Ng component that uses FB Graph - I would do more guys ...
@mrdignitty You may have just gave me an idea of a product to build
@mrdignitty 5hrs for FB Events... How long to hack Eventbrite events and Meetup events in it? I need to have a chat to my co-founder 🤔😂 I dont think Facebook can do that... Well I hope not.