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On Togetheo people share the spontaneous activities they'd like to do with others - either with everyone nearby, or their closest of friends.

Follow your friends to be notified when they share something they'd like to do, whether it be a night out on the town, a dinner date, or a trip to see the latest flick at the cinema.

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Hey Jamie - testing out the app. Here are a few comments/suggestions: - While creating a new account via email/password, you can integrate iOS keychain into the password field so that strong passwords can be auto-generated. It's just a few lines of code, but it will help password conscious users like me πŸ˜„ - The UI is really neat, love the subtle animations. A big fan of the dark theme on signup. The app seems clean and tidy, great use of gradients and cards - I'm in an area where no one else has downloaded the app, so I cannot do much. Think about how you can give your users a single-player mode that will keep them coming back to the app till the network effects kick in I'm curious: as a single man operation, this app is really well done. What is the tech stack that you're using?
@tanveerchandok Thanks for checking out the app and for taking the time to provide feedback! May I ask which version of iOS you're running? I'm on a developer beta which seems to be prompting use of a suggested password (by default I think) - definitely a good idea to support it across the board though! You're right, because there are few people using the app at the moment, it's difficult to get much value without also bringing along your friends, which is quite a hard sell. I'll definitely give this one some more thought! Tech wise, its a native swift app supported by a load balanced node/mongo API, although I plan to move to a relational DB soon, as I ended up treating Mongo that way out of habit.
Hi Jamie - The expectation before opening the app was that it is an app for friends' meetings, activities feed (I think it's important to know your user's perception of the app before interacting with it). So my expectation was very close to reality. - Like the idea and the UX/UI. Everything is clean and easy to understand. - I'd like to have more information in the person's profile - Liked the legal bit screen - So same as @tanveerchandok don't have any posts in my area so can't really use the app. Good job! Good luck!
@tanveerchandok @assel_zh Thanks for taking the time to check out the app and for providing feedback! I'm glad to hear it lived up to your initial expectations πŸ˜ƒ You're right, profiles are quite basic at the moment - I recently added the ability to add a bio, but I think it's a bit hidden away at the moment (edit profile). I've also thought about collecting age & gender so people can filter nearby users activities by those, somewhat similar to how tinder works - curious to hear what other information you think people should be able to share on their profiles? Shame to hear there are no posts in your area, unfortunately, I think that's going to be the case for many people to start off with. I'll have to give more thought to @tanveerchandok 's single-player mode suggestion.
@jamie452 You are always welcome! Yes, for now, age and gender come to my mind first. The other thing is maybe to sort out friends from strangers that I follow. Because sometimes I'm in the mood for going out only with those I know. And if I have a long list of people I follow it will be hard to sort out my friends' posts. But it's it can be wrong, it's my hypothesis. So maybe to test this out:)
I always find it hilarious that apps that are to connect me with similarly minded people, are already telling me I won't find similarly minded people, since you can only use it on iPhones. I've heard the arguments over and over about why people launch exclusively on iOS, and I get it for small testing grounds, and simplifying screensize adapting, coders' lives etc., but when it comes to any kind of social aspect that requires quick growth, not launching on Android at the same time is shooting yourself in the foot. You can still make it as an app focusing on iOS, and many do, but it's definitely making it much harder for yourself when the app is around social features.
@irishpolyglot Thanks for taking your time to provide feedback! I agree and Android is coming. Hopefully much faster than its taken to build the iOS version - as much of that time has been spent jumping back and forth between UI/UX/API & infrastructure tasks. As a social app, I agree completely that it should be able to accommodate all of a users friends - otherwise it's not really doing its job. I thought it would be important to gain feedback on the concept early on and to iron out any quirks before duplicating those on another platform.
Hi Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ Jamie here, the maker of Togetheo, I'm super excited to unveil my first app which I've been working on over the past year. Excited to hear some (hopefully positive πŸ˜…) feedback from the community! Jamie
Definitely going to give this a look into.