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Hey everyone - very excited to be launching Service Protect, our biggest update yet. Now our wizard syncs with your email to create a dashboard of all your purchases, making it easy to file a case with just one tap. And even better, if your flight is delayed or canceled, he'll proactively offer to help. Would love to hear what you think!
Seems to be a lot of eggs showing up in here...
@parchambeau I've noticed that too, looking into it..
I just recently opened my first case with Service, and I've loved the process so far. Connecting my email now! 😸
I've used Service to solve problems with airlines, with TiVo and others. Michael, do you find big differences between how the airlines comp users for different problems, or is their behavior consistent across carriers?
@hunterwalk pretty varied... foreign based carriers are in general much less generous than their US based counterparts. For example, US based carriers are under no legal obligation to compensate you for a delay as opposed to European carriers (under EU 261), but they do so as a form of good customer service.
A great service that keeps getting better. Congrats on the update!