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#1 Product of the DayJune 29, 2019
Seedform is a multi-step flexible form for onboarding your customers. It's fully customizable and themeable –– all with just a couple of clicks. Try Seedform to improve the way you gather data from your customers.
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@louis_barclay, @skellystudios, @davyson. Technical question. What react boilerplate did you use to build the project? Any frameworks/libraries that helped?
@ameur_khaldi Thanks for asking; we built the whole thing without code on the Stacker app platform ( Full disclosure: we're the guys building Stacker. We're testing out our platform's ability to build apps that feel like they've been built with code.
@ameur_khaldi @michael_skelly Stacker is in close beta ? can't find anyway to sign up
@ameur_khaldi @michael_skelly How does Stacker compare to something like Webflow?
@imknight Get in touch with me on louis [at] stacker [dot] app with some info on what you're looking to build and I can sort you out
@jmitch Great question Justin. Webflow is an (incredible) design tool for easily turning beautiful designs into working code that can be integrated into your tech stack. Stacker is a platform to build whole products, backend and frontend, without code. It's true that Webflow is moving into providing some app functionality out of the box (CRM, e-commerce) but it's still not the case that e.g. you can easily define new tables and fields and get them working in your app.
Any plans of integrating payment options in there too?
This is amazing! I was just talking with my friend about how this problem needs to be solved asap. Can't wait to try it out; great work!
@tyreljohnson Thanks a lot Tyrel! Give us a go, we'd love to get your feedback!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out!
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