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Co-founder here. I've been working on Stacker for about a year. I had been building platforms for several marketplace-type startups in a row, I realised that I was literally just reimplementing the same easy stuff again and again. So I quit, and built this so that the founders/product team could build whole features without needing to call me. So far we've got a few real apps running live – a social network, a platform business, a fact-checking portal, as well as demos of a few other apps on Stacker. Give it a try, and if you have any questions, comment here and I'll get right back to you!
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Hey guys, Like the project, it should be easier like that. Things to improve though, video should have some sound, at least some music, and the second thing pricing. 100$ is a bit too much for "Small" tier from my perspective, especially as a monthly fee. Also you could just drop down on three tiers, free/intermediate and business, everything else you should discuss with clients. Have fun and good luck 💪
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@itkosarkas Co-founder here. Thanks a lot for stopping by - this is great feedback, we'll be taking it into consideration. Particularly re: simplicity of pricing.

$100/mo is a bit heavy but otherwise this is a great low/no-code drag and drop app builder.


Smooth, easy to use, great starter tutorial for beginners.



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Hey guys, this looks really cool! Great design UI as well. Are you able to connect external JSON API to Stacker?
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@harrytucker Thanks a lot - especially happy that you like our UI! At this moment the answer to your question is no, but it's on our roadmap. What kind of thing are you thinking of building?
@louis_barclay I have a few things working on at the moment, that would need external data displayed in it. Also to integrate things such as Firebase for a backend across mobile app and web app. This looks really cool, and I can't wait to see what you get up to - massive fan of opening up low/no code tools to none coders and allowing everyone to create! But feel the external API support and your pricing currently leaves you guys a bit behind the likes of Bubble.
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Nice, this is really cool. I've been testing out lots of app builders recently to speed up my own smaller client projects... Stacker is certainly a strong contender, but as @itkosarkas pointed out, $100/mo is quite prohibitive compared to whats out there 😟 But! Stacker is cool. Went through the tutorial and everything and it definitely is one of the smoother builders out there that provides instant, usable results. Well done! It would be awesome to see a change in pricing soon (ok I will name one - Creo at 99/yr is awesome. I understand you have hosting and all that but some users would be 100% willing to host their apps themselves). Much love and again, congrats on the launch!
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@architekco Thanks for your kind words! We've worked really hard to make the experience as slick as possible so it's awesome to see that you liked it - and that you got instant results. Re: price, we're always looking to support any makers / startups who aren't yet funded (like us) so send us a PM because we'd love to discuss.
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