Description is just simle as this: Ctrl+F for real world.

Yes, SearchCam provides you to search text with your camera.

Type any text and just hold up your phone or tablet.

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Evernote's vision was to become your second brain. Modern day OCR and AR are going to take that to the next level. Nice work, @omerozturk.
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That also make everyday life easier. Thank you @rrhoover
@omerozturk Great job! How can I download it? Is this an App?
thank you @nadezhda_kos. Yes, you can download it from AppStore. (Android app will be available soon)
@omerozturk thank you! I`ll try it for sure and give you a feedback)) Cheers with this brilliant product again))
A brother of MemoCam 🙌 SearchCam 👉👉🐱‍🚀 Yay! Nice work and idea man.
@gitmerge 🙌 thank you. 👏 for MemoCam
what would be your use case?
@danirogerc think of scanning a keyword in large documents
This is brilliant! Can't believe it's free. Any plans on monetizing in the future?
@daviswbaer thank you 🙂 continue to be free app.

Would be better if ad-free.




Contains ads

Thank you for the feedbacks