AR Search

Search in your reality.

AR Search app enables you to search real "offline" world for any printed text. It will augment your reality with a precise highlighted search results. AR Search attempts to take SearchCam idea (featured here) to the next level by providing AR-like experience.
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Basic idea behind AR Search app is not entirely new. Searching for text in “offline” world and displaying results in real-time has been around for some time (for example: SearchCam app featured here on ProductHunt). AR Search attempts to take this idea to the next level by providing AR-like experience, where the search results are tracked in real-time, as if they were “glued” to the physical surface where the text is visible. Here are just a few sample use cases: (among many others) • Search for a particular word in a printed letter/mail • Quickly check if a given consumer product contains specific ingredient • Scan books, magazines or printed papers for a certain term • Look for a particular name in an article • Check instantly if the fine print contains anything suspicious • Search the world around you for a specific text (either printed or displayed anyhow) Just type anything in the search box and point your camera on any area or surface with printed or displayed text that contains the search keyword. Enjoy anywhere, anytime! Offline! (AR Search does not require Internet connection)
@karol_kulesza Works pretty well Karol! Makes finding the expiry date a breeze.
So typical all the good apps are for iOS only
@tony_hosie : We have to start with something ;-)
I think you are so close to a widely useful product regarding product labels of packaged foods. A single word search is okay but multi word search would be way more useful. You could build lists of common food sensitivities and additives that should be avoided/minimized. Or compare two labels based on the amount of bad ingredients and/or nutrient ratios. Look into for some good benchmarks
@tombielecki Thanks for the feedback, Tom. Actually, some of your suggestions are already in our roadmap ;-)
I can see this app being useful with google glasses or any wearable AR device.