ScopeAI 2.0

Track product feedback from customer conversations using NLP

Track valuable product feedback faster. Leverage NLP to save bugs and feature requests as they come in through emails, reviews and chat.
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Hey PH! Huge thanks to @katmanalac for hunting us :) We’re excited to announce some updates! ScopeAI uses NLP to make it easier for teams to keep track of product feedback coming from customer conversations. How it works: -Connect ScopeAI to communication channels (Zendesk, Intercom, Salesforce, etc.) -Add a bug or feature request to ScopeAI -NLP algorithms find all conversations where users are mentioning the request -Track if a request is getting better or worse as ScopeAI adds new incoming feedback We take the manual work out of looking through feedback so you can focus on prioritizing and building out your roadmap! Sign-up to get 10% off any plan, valid until August 16th, no code needed for Product Hunters! Excited to hear your thoughts and feedback! 🤗
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Having something like Scope when I was a PM would have saved me so much time getting to the insights I needed to make great product decisions! Love the product!
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Processing feedback into tickets is one of my least favorite parts of PMing, so this seems like it could be a huge time-saver. @natalieabeysena does Scope help de-duplicate requests when you add them?
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@imjgoldsmith Ya we do! If someone adds a request that's been added before, ScopeAI will merge them!
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Really impressive product! Would love to know what model you guys are building on.
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Fantastic idea! I'm not seeing pricing anywhere. What's the cost/subscription?
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@dillon_carter We charge based on ticket volume ingested but the lowest tier is $499/month!