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The Sales and Marketing Stack is a collection of the best articles and resources on the topics of modern sales and marketing. Covering 60 topics including inbound sales, pipeline management, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and personalization, this wiki is designed for anyone interested in modern sales and marketing.

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Having gotten quite involved in the world of sales & marketing over the last 3 years, we've come to realize how noisy and confusing the space can be. This wiki is a hand-picked collection of resources spanning 60 topics and thousands of articles designed to get the reader up to speed on the modern sales and marketing landscape as fast as possible. We hope this is helpful for new founders or anyone else entering the space, and we welcome your feedback to grow this wiki into an even more comprehensive resource.

What a great, comprehensive resource for sales and marketing professionals.


Very useful!


Where to start? :-)

Looks great Trevor and team!
to be honest articles are outdated and not so good :( I opened several links and I was a bit disappointed... Topics structure is weird and not really relevant for me (I'm a startup founder and a marketer). Have the makers even read all those materials? The website looks not very updated and even the year in footer is 2016 :( I understand that it is a promo product for Clearbit and maker put some time in it... but it has very small value for me. Sorry, if my feedback made you upset :(

This is a great resource with concise topic overviews and further reading list for going both deep and wide on sales & marketing subjects. Highly recommended for anyone researching these topics, looking for good link, and new ideas.


Everything you ever wanted to know re sales & marketing organized on one page.


Just made my reading list so much longer...