Safari Technology Preview

Preview Apple's latest web technologies.

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Apple is getting more aggressive with their updates to Safari. This app is for developers and beta testers to try out the newest web technologies. Safari Technology Preview can be run side-by-side with Safari and set as the default browser. Very similar to how Google Chrome Canary works alongside Chrome. h/t @ow
@gabriel__lewis @ow more like they're catching up with their pre-release strategy to Canary, as you suggest.
@chrismessina @gabriel__lewis @ow Keep in mind, Webkit has had Nightlies available for a long time. This is basically a version released every ~2 weeks, for which WebKit engineers select what they believe to be the most stable of several nightly builds released in that time. Also, this version is updated via the Mac App Store and has iCloud support.
@rsmoz @gabriel__lewis @ow great point! I used to use the Webkit Nightlies but then found I couldn't live without certain extensions!
Still waiting for webRTC support.