Signup forms filled automatically with random identities

#3 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2019

A Chrome extension that speeds up registrations to unimportant websites. Using a random identity generator and a form filler, Reggy helps bypass registration forms to any website. Please only use this for sites you don't want to give your real details to, in order to avoid spam.

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I'd love to see 1Password 7 for Mac and Windows integrate this. I've set up a couple of dummy identities to sorta fake this, but it's an imprecise and incomplete solution.
This chrome extension reminds me of BugMeNot back in the day, good work overall and thanks @ziv_eli for making Reggy πŸ˜„
How many possible combinations are there, @ziv_eli? At what point do two users register the same details on the same site? 😡😁
@rrhoover Haha... Interesting! Around 250K username combinations * number of email providers available, given not everyone uses the default email provider 😬
A real time saver!!!

Great extension to fill forms easily for signups. I'll use it to sign up for products I wanna test at work or just at home with different email accounts I own.


Easy to use and good UX


None so far.