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What is lockrMail?
A new email – not a new inbox. lockrMail is a free public-facing email that masks your personal email address and gives you ultimate control over your inbox. Use automated filters to curate which promotional emails you receive from brands, aggregate emails into digests, set custom delivery hours, and more. Plus our brand new Chrome extension brings your inbox into the browsing experience with real-time email alerts and discount code notifications as you shop online.
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Recent launches

lockrMail Chrome Extension
Your inbox + browser = 💪. Streamline site registrations and enable email settings, instantly view emails, and access discount codes in real-time as you browse. The reimagined lockrMail Chrome extension will revolutionize your online browsing experience.
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Digests by lockrMail
Digests are a powerful tool that allow you to combine communications from like-minded brands into one convenient email - delivered at your desired date and time. You can also add filters to further curate your digest content.
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