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iiiinteresting. though i'm unable to sign up. register button keeps closing tabs. when it works i get "failed to fetch" or "something went wrong".
@ggnall i bet you have ad block on.
@dhulser you have no idea how frequently that happens when devs are QAing at ad tech co's. i do use one but disabled it. works now though
@dhulser @ggnall Dylan! Happens to me too. Tried it with both ad block on and off.
@chris_crompton1 hey! hah. thats weird, i had the same issue earlier but when i turned ad block off it worked for me!
@dhulser Yeah I paused on the page and it didn't work. It wasn't until I turned ad block off that it worked fully. This is built using Adzerk?
In my experience, reddit (organic) seems to drive low quality traffic with short visits and extremely high bounce rates, and companies who have tried ads in the past say it doesn't perform nearly as well as Facebook, etc. Is the angle for reddit ads primarily to be a "brand awareness" vehicle? That could fill a niche need, but I think most non-corporate advertisers want a platform that drives conversions/sales, not awareness lifts. How are you guys addressing that? (I saw most of your quotes are from larger companies reference awareness, not ROI.) All that said, congrats on the launch and I'm excited to see how this evolves! Reddit gets crazy traffic and lots of curious eyes browse the site and app.
@kur1 Agree with what you said. I think it comes down to targeting. I have a feeling that when people head to reddit, they put on a different persona. Sort of like how many people are generally nice but experience road rage behind the wheels. Seems like every one wants to be cheeky and look smart. Potential customers may not be in the right mindset.
Tried to set up a test campaign. Does anyone know what the turnaround time for approvals is?
Will definitely try it!
I'm intrigued by this, but I also notice that this is the first ad platform that feels the need to point this out: "On any website with user-generated content, trolls will appear. The truth about the internet is that negative comments are unavoidable. If you receive completely unmerited negative comments, don't feel obligated to respond. Don't feed the troll. Some people get a rise out of annoying people, and if you see a comment like that, you're better off ignoring it than giving it attention. Other Reddit users will also see these as trolls and will downvote these comments. " (from the FAQ)