Sleep at the push of a button! Now with "Focus."

Pzizz uses specially designed music, voiceover, and sound effects that change each night, to quickly quiet your mind, put you to sleep, keep you asleep and wake you up refreshed. Recently we've added the "Focus Module;" music engineered to to help you boost your productivity and get more work done. Available for iOS and Android.

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The entire @producthunt team could use this.
@dredurr Have they tried it yet?! Would love feedback :)
I'm wondering if it's able to know when to interrupt my power nap?
@svetlyak40wt I'm a bit confused by what you mean, can you elaborate?
I used the old desktop version where you had to generate a "nap" and move it to your iPod or phone. It actually worked well. Nice to see an iOS app.
@elpocho Do you still use it?
279MB is not a small download. I’ll give it a try though.
@visavis_kid The size of the app is an annoying pain point right now. It's tough to balance the need for high quality audio that is playable offline (and can last up to 12 hours) with creating a small app. We're working on some creative ideas though that should solve this issue by June of next year.
@rockwellshah @visavis_kid You need Pied Piper's compression! ;-)
Been using Pzizz for many years and love the function of it. The design of the app leaves a lot to be desired.
@bradbarrish Totally agree, the design of the app needs a big overhaul (this was done before my time with Pzizz); we're doing a big update that should be finished by June. If there's anything specific you'd like to see, we're all ears!