Project Soli by Google

Your hands are the only interface you'll need

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alexis riols
@alexisriols · Product Designer at Deezer
Presentation of Soli by Google
Yassine Landa
@yassinelanda · Data Scientist & Founder
The smart phones as we know them will disappear! We will start interacting with the virtual world with non intrusive displays in our glasses (or VR devices) and motion gesture! Just imagine sitting on a train and being able to browse your contact list and make a call. Write a quick tweet. Play your favourite game... All that with your hands inside your... Show More
this is tooooooo futuristic, I'm quite amazed. Hope to see it go mainstream in a few years.
alexis riols
@alexisriols · Product Designer at Deezer
Soli is a new sensing technology that uses miniature radar to detect touchless gesture interactions.
Andrea Hill
@afhill · Manager of Innovation Strategy-ReadyTalk
Didn't even get through the concept video to get really interested in the possibilities here. Between this and Project Tango, Google is on the edge of establishing how we interact with virtual and physical artifacts
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