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#4 Product of the WeekSeptember 02, 2015

ProductPlan makes it easy for teams of all sizes to build beautiful roadmaps. Thousands of product managers worldwide trust ProductPlan to help them visualize and share their strategies across their entire organization. Spend less time building roadmaps and more time shipping products.

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I just stated using this for a new component we are working getting to market .. Great tool !
@hgottfried Thanks for trying ProductPlan! Please let us know if we can help you get started or give you a product tour.
@jimsemick Will do. I introduced it at a couple Maker events in this area hoping to help it take off too.
@jimsemick Super cool collection of features. Looking into how it might work with our support desk options and Asana – would love a tour.
@blakeburris thanks for trying ProductPlan! We'd love to give you and your team a tour. We'll reach out soon to schedule it.
Wish I would've known about ProductPlan a month ago when I was working on a product roadmap. 💛
Nice! Have been looking for something like this for a while now. Currently, there was only Aha! who did this (that I know of) but the product is quite heavy and not something that I felt got the job done in a simple and easy-to-use way like ProductPlan. My only gripe (don't know if this applies to anyone else) is the fact that I heavily use Wunderlist for my product(s) and planning certain features, when they're due, who is owning it, etc. Granted it's not very kanban-esque but it's super simple, is in the same place as all of my other content and get's the job done beautifully. Are there any plans for integration? I'd love to be able to just quickly add something to Wunderlist and have the info (name) port into a Lane in ProductPlan based on the date I've set for it. From there, I can go into ProductPlan and edit accordingly. This can probably work for products like Trello as well, though I'm unsure if they have a public API (Wunderlist does). At any rate, fantastic product and look forward to seeing how it progresses over time. Question regarding ProductPlan itself though: 1. What was the reasoning for not allowing dates to be set on bars? Seems like the only place they can be set is on the milestones. 2. Any way to shrink or expand the size of a bar? Right now, they're all the same size but honestly don't need to be. Allowing the change in size would definitely visualize how small or grand a particular feature or release will be. Thanks a ton!
@imcatnoone Cat, thank you for your comments and kind words about ProductPlan! Answers to your questions: 1.) We didn't include dates because we heard from product managers that they didn't want to set date-driven expectations with their stakeholders. This is especially true for agile product teams planning future initiatives when dates are really fuzzy. But that said, there are times when our customers want to show a date, so we'll be introducing a feature to optionally display dates on Bars and Containers :-) 2.) Do you want to shrink/expand the length or height of the Bar? If you want to adjust the length, you can drag the right side of the bar to adjust its size. If you want to adjust the height, you can change this in Settings, but all bars are adjusted for a consistent look. Let me know if that didn't answer your question. Regarding integrations, we currently integrate with Atlassian JIRA and are planning integrations with other tools. Good suggestion for Wunderlist. Thank you again!
@jimsemick Can totally understand not having date-driven expectations. With my startup, as features have dates set, they are easily broken. It happens, but I personally love setting a date for us to at least strive for. If it needs readjusting, so be it. So that was my line of thinking. Happy to hear you'll be adding an optional date display! As for the bar, I'll give it a try! Didn't see that capability earlier. Thanks, Jim!
This looks really fantastic. Much cheaper than Aha which is good because their pricing is crazy, but I do wonder where you got your pricing from? For big companies this is cheap, but for startups a lot of them are using Google Sheets and their cost is 0 for that. I would love to see more companies building single use products like this have a super cheap entry level (and no, $25 is not super-cheap, thats $300/yr) - Combine this with the other 15 products that all want 20-40/mo and the entire SaaS model becomes so expensive for small companies.... Don't get me wrong, the product looks awesome I just question the price.
@arlogilbert Thanks for your nice comments! We designed our pricing to scale with the size of the company (typically 1 Editor license for every product manager). We also created a pricing model that is unique in that we don't charge for roadmap Viewers/Collaborators - those licenses are free. That way ProductPlan roadmaps can be shared widely with stakeholders, execs, investors, board members, etc. without costing any more.
Great job! Been wanting something like this for a while but didn't have time nor enough passion to build it.
@coolnalu Thanks Terry! We have had a great time building (and selling) ProductPlan.