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What do people think of Nifty?

The community submitted 105 reviews to tell us what they like about Nifty, what Nifty can do better, and more.
What do you think about Nifty?
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105 Reviews
Jurgen Proschinger
Digital Entertainment Strategist
Great project management and collaboration tool.

Ethan L
Ethan L

Senior Strats Guy

1 review
Cause it comes with chat.

Alexander Kesselaar
Sydney - Photographer / Videographer
4 reviews
This justification does exactly what I need it to do!

Wellness CEO
1 review
Awesome! I’ve tested just about every app out there in order to keep our company projects moving and communicate within the team and one2one… this is the single best app that doesn’t require you to have other apps in order to keep the flow going and the tasks in check. We tried this a while back and came back to it because it has improved so much in the last year or so. The interface is tight and functional. One can feel the quality for user experience and effectiveness… The only, small, suggestion would be to improve the Nifty logo so that it fits the quality of the app itself. On my phone it looks like an app from 2013 that I forgot to delete… it’s a minor thing but image is everything and when you look at the best apps out there like “Slack” their logo and icon communicate 21st century and class. A simple but classy logo that goes well with the dark visual look that is in use now would be great. Other than that, it’s awesome and we are really grateful to have it amazing tool!!! Thanks so much to the Nifty team and congratulations on a great and very much improved product!

George K M.D.
Just looking around...
2 reviews

Anthony Koon
Business owner. Fashion and textile.
1 review
After 2 years of PAID TRIAL, trying my best to give Nifty the benefit of the doubt, I did not want to renew and waste any more money. Only for their system to keep my card details and charging me again! Their customer service now ignore me and do not want to give a refund. The system is too heavy to use, my team never adapted.

Darrin Rich
As one who has tried just about every similar app, this is in the top 3. I would say it's more similar to Clickup. Clickup is king of integrations right now. Nifty is releasing updates fast and probably won't be long until they have just as much. Their recent update to the mobile app is awesome! Keep it up

Marcelo Bacchi
7 reviews
Brilliant tool! Fast too!

Allen Gwinn
3 reviews
Nifty has, by far and away, the best user experience among the second-tier providers. It could be argued that they outperform many of the top-tier. The only downside to it is its price. If you can wait for them to put out a Lifetime Deal on one of the LTD platform, then this is absolutely the product you want.

Shiv Kapoor
1 review
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