Poptin 2.0

Capture more leads & sales with sleek popups and forms 🐦

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2019
Create engaging web and mobile popups and improve conversion rate with no coding skills needed.
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Thanks @sethlouey ! πŸ’œ We launched the first version of Poptin 2 years and 2 months ago. Bootstrapped. Since then we got 50K+ users and tens of thousands of websites using the platform. Today, with 8 more people on the team, we are excited and proud to launch Poptin 2.0 🐦 Back then, Poptin was all about creating popups that convert. We took all our users' feedback and requests and put them together. Now you can do much more with it! Here is what's new:
πŸš€ New website & Interface design πŸš€ Embedded forms! Including A/B test πŸš€ New Templates πŸš€ New Elements (timer, shapes, icons, video) πŸš€ Separate Desktop and Mobile Editing πŸš€ Full View Editing πŸš€ Background Editing πŸš€ Display Rules Summary πŸš€ Autoresponder Templates πŸš€ Agency Interface Update
We would love to get your feedback! πŸ”₯
Amazing new features! This is by far the best pop-up and lead generation tool out there! Thank you guys for the amazing support
@nati_elimelech Thank you !! <3
Kabooooom!!!! What a beautiful UI. This is one of the best product lift ups I saw this year. Love what you guys are doing!!
@yam_regev wow, that means a lot to us. thanks brother!
Awesome product, great features and amazing team. I'm using many tools to collect leads, poptin is totally a different league. Good luck!
@ben_blanki woohoo thanks Ben!
Been a fan since day #1. Amazing product and 2.0 looks kickass!!
@kobaiko thanks Yair! :)