Free lead capture platform for your website

#3 Product of the DayJuly 18, 2017

🚀 Poptin is a free lead capture platform for your website. 🚀

Engage & convert more visitors into customers and generate more leads, subscribers and sales.

using beautiful popups, widgets and overlays. 💪

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First off, Thank you so much @benln for hunting us! We're geeking out :) TL;DR - Poptin is a DIY lead magnet platform for digital marketers and businesses looking to convert. created by me, my co-founder Gal and our dedicated team. Let us know what you think!
-- THE PLOT My co-founder Gal and I ran a digital marketing agency a few years back and kept encountering the same problem over and over - clients’ sites weren’t converting. It was like an endless feedback loop. The SEO we were doing was solid and the PPC campaigns were performing well, but for some reason, we weren’t able to make conversions budge. We went back to the drawing board (literally) and hired a designer and developer to create an exit-intent popup to try out. We ran with it and conversions skyrocketed. Think: cat seeing cucumber type reaction. While hiring a designer and developer to custom build every lead magnet item is great and all, let’s be honest: it’s not scalable. At all. Under any scenario. So we thought hey, why not create a platform to do it ourselves… enter Poptin :) THE NITTY GRITTY Poptin is a platform that aids marketers and business owners in engaging visitors and converting them into leads, subscribers and sales. It works with your website to track visitors’ behavior and show them the right message at the right time. You can create pretty much anything your marketing heart desires from advanced overlays to pop-ups and widgets (poptins) - it’s all on-brand and fully customizable. Bonus? It’ll integrate with your favorite mailing system or CRM. SOME COOL SPECS - Free plan with unlimited overlays and features (including exit-intent) - A friendly Drag & Drop user interface - A variety of overlays (lightbox, full screen, floating bars, slide-in and more) - You can go crazy with input fields (nothing is mandatory) - Our secret sauce (e.g. Autopilot): you can choose a trigger by yourself or you let our algorithm assess your visitors and show them a poptin when the chance of conversion is the highest for a given visitor THE 411 You can read more about our features and differentiation from our competitors here: https://growth.poptin.com/how-is... but in the meantime, drop us a line in the comments below or ping Gal (@GalDubinski) and me (@tomer_ah) on Twitter… we’d love feedback and are here for any questions you may have. Cheers! Tomer Aharon Co-founder @ Poptin
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Epic tool, automated sophisticated opt-in features with ease!
@yanivgoldenberg thanks Yaniv! :)
Looks amazing. good luck!
Thanks @dzrihen !
Love the tool - super user-friendly and some really great CRO built-ins happening. I'd love to know more about the AI and how that will develop as I use Poptin with my website!
@reder_c thank you for the awesome feedback! The AI algorithm will help Poptin understand your visitors' behaviour and show them the right msg at the right time. Instead of creating 20 or 30 A/B tests and deciding between different options of targeting, you can choose "Autopilot Trigger" and let our platform to collect lots of data points and decide the best trigger for you (and optimize it over time).
@aj_segal :O wow man thank you! <3