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Yvo Schaap
@yvoschaap · CTO / Entrepreneur / Developer
Latest added feature: YO "TWEETSTORM" to get a YO when an @pmarca tweetstorm starts...


Yvo Schaap
@yvoschaap · CTO / Entrepreneur / Developer
I've been following @pmarca on twitter for a while, and his twitter essays (1/12) are annoying to follow using twitter's own stream view. So grabbed the twitter API, and created this product hack which groups his tweets, and presents it as a short essay. It tags it by topic, and includes any relevant reactions. #showproducthack #producthuntselfie #goodsun… See more
Özgür Alaz
@ozguralaz · Trend Expert, Founder of @usefulideasnet
@yvoschaap any github link?
Yvo Schaap
@yvoschaap · CTO / Entrepreneur / Developer
@ozguralaz if you have any good ideas, write them here.
Emmanuel Amberber
@emmanuelamber · Data & Product Head | @YSProfiles
@yvoschaap Taming the firehose with very neat longform friendly UI. If commoditized as product one day it could compete with storify for curating thematic tweets.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@yvoschaap you should do one for @daniellemorrill's tweetstorms. :)