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Accept payments and sell anything from anywhere.

πŸ‘‹ Today we're excited to announce our all new Storefront product! πŸš€ Storefront makes it easy for anyone to sell subscriptions, physical and digital goods, charge for services, accept donations, sell pre-orders and more. Storefront's powerful and embeddable shopping cart is a snap to setup and works everywhere. πŸ“° Read more on our blog.

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Do I need US based company to use it?
@mattstools Hey Matts! Nope, you don't need to be based in the US. Plasso uses Stripe or PayPal to process the actual payments. So as long as you're in a country where Stripe or PayPal is supported, you're good to go πŸ‘
@mattstools @drewwilson And there lies the problem -- Nigeria isn't supported by Stripe as yet and PayPal only offers a limited payment account (users cannot receive money). How about Skrill?
@mattstools @patrick_udeh Sorry Patrick, we only support Stripe and PayPal right now.
@mattstools @patrick_udeh @drewwilson But if I do the integration with WordPress, I can use the payment method I want, right?
Great video @drewwilson! Congrats on the launch! πŸš€ Have you seen any product using Plasso in the wild so far?
Plasso has been a solid service for us at, giving us the tools to process regular subscriptions, gift subscriptions, and payments for our business clients. Drew has also been extremely helpful and responsive numerous times in making sure the Plasso suite solves our needs as we grow. Definitely recommend!
@roryreiff Thanks Rory! Stoked you guys are using Plasso :)
Do you handle VAT for sales in the EU?
@frankdilo Yep! VAT tax is calculated based on the seller's and buyer's location and added to the order total πŸ‘
@frankdilo @drewwilson I'd love to hear more about how this works - is there any more info on the site? Would it be possible to set a total price including VAT, so essentially we take a cut in our margin rather than increase the price for people paying VAT?
@frankdilo @drewwilson That's great Q) Do you guys remit VAT on our behalf
@frankdilo @tahaqadri We don't right now. Thanks!
@frankdilo @ramykhuffash Right now it just builds VAT into the total price as a line item called 'Tax'. But we're already working on more features around VAT, so it will soon be more flexible. Thanks!
BTW: Storefront is perfect for SaaS, memberships, subscription boxes, digital goods, donations, etc. Check out how Storefront can work for you on our new Industries page πŸ‘