PhotoScan by Google

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future

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Excuse my language but this is shit-hot Great choice of background music in the video too ๐Ÿ”ฅ
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@bentossell "People took REAL photos, printed on actual paper."
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@rrhoover @bentossell There was a time when pictures didn't move?!
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@rrhoover wtf is that?!
@bentossell Took me a while to remember the song!
@rrhoover @bentossell OMG this just sounds so unreal! :D:D:D Like before the cars people were riding horses. Funny as hell!
Here's a great video explaining the tech at a high level:
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@dflieb Does this let you assign date and location to the scan?
@narendra @dflieb You can edit the date/time once uploaded to Google Photos
@dflieb this is great to back up old prints. But the bigger issue is digital photos are stuck and essentially any app is a graveyard. Does googlephotos have integrations to make printed scrap books. I dont want my 3yo staring at a computer screen. And honestly neither do i!
@dflieb Really spectacular job. My wife will be all over this once the holidays are over.
@ak310i Images on Google Photos can be uploaded to Google Drive in the app. Many photobook services allow photos to be uploaded via Google Drive.
As we don't have the budget of Slack for taking out an ad in the NYT the "Unfade" team welcomes you here on Product Hunt. Great addition to the space!
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@wagca "The Unfade team welcomes you here on Product Hunt for only $4.99" and that's a really big difference for a lot of people
@icyber0n PH is probably not the right forum for a pricing discussion. Shoot me a DM on Twitter, I am always happy to discuss this topic.
@wagca Tried PhotoScan now and really disappointed with output quality, and from reading a few other reviews I'm not the only one (on iOS the native camera app takes much crisper photos of photos, glare be damned). Have you compared Unfade quality with PhotoScan, how do you guys compare?
Happy Unfade user, works with all clouds
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Amazing, love love the video! @dflieb any reason this is put in a standalone app instead of integrated with Google Photos? Do we expect to see more standalone apps from Google Photos?
@nikunj @dflieb Classic Google. Probably a different team working on each app.
@nikunj We think that scanning photos isn't something you'll do daily -- it's more like something you'll do a handful of times when you get access to the printed photos. So it didn't make much sense to incorporate directly into Google Photos. Plus, this lets us offer PhotoScan to people who aren't yet using Google Photos.
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@nikunj @dflieb probably because you don't need it nearly as often as a regular photos app.
@nikunj We'll do separate apps if/when it makes sense, but no specific plans atm.
@dubstrike @nikunj Nope, it's us :)