New bra company solving big problem for small boobs

#3 Product of the DayApril 16, 2017

Pepper makes better fitting bras for small-chested women. We launched on Kickstarter in April 2017 and raised $47,320 to make the project happen.

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Jaclyn Fu
Jaclyn FuMaker@jaclyn_fu · Co-Founder of Pepper
Hi there! This is Jaclyn, one of the co-founders of Pepper. We hope you'll upvote us and support our mission to promote body positivity. 80% of women today are wearing a bra that doesn't fit them. We think this is because traditional bra makers are not designing for real body types. For small-chested women, we often get gaps in our bra because we don't "fill" them. Isn't it time that we...errr, close the gap? :) Pepper was created by Lia and I to empower women with small cup sizes to celebrate the body they have, and to stop feeling like they're "not enough" to fill standard bras. We spent the last year developing our "Authentic Lift" design, and now have the opportunity to turn this into a reality. So if this resonates if you, even if you're not in our target demographic, we humbly ask for your support to help us go above and beyond our Kickstarter goal. This is just the beginning.
Robert Simoes
Robert Simoes@deleted-428723
@jaclyn_fu "We hope you'll upvote us and support our mission to promote body positivity." Love it !
Shriya Nevatia
Shriya NevatiaHiring@shriyanevatia · PM @ GLIDR, Founder @ Violet Society
@jaclyn_fu Love this! Such a frustrating problem; really glad to see Pepper. Sidenote - was wondering how I recognized Lia's name; I realized that we were at Tufts at similar times :)
Jaclyn Fu
Jaclyn FuMaker@jaclyn_fu · Co-Founder of Pepper
@shriyanevatia Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Shriya! :) Will tell Lia you said hi!
Howie Young
Howie Young@howie_young · Founder, tico
@jaclyn_fu Due to the researches, I believe that Asia will be a good market for Pepper, especially in Taiwan, now people here are focusing "Women-Friendly" or "Empower-Women" things, and we also have some nice crowd-funding agency, so maybe you can try to do something here.
Jerric Lyns John
Jerric Lyns John@jerriclynsjohn · Co-Founder @ Nucarbn
@jaclyn_fu do make sure you have a backing community support as well. I like your product, but it'll need more marketing for backers to pour in. Approach the likes of backer club.
Daveyon Mayne
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Blogger at
Youtube video id nXYPPjoI-qo was removed. Been getting insulting mentions without a reason.
@mirmayne Please don't post that elementary school bullshit here.
Kevin Lou
Kevin Lou@kevinbryantlou · Experience @ Italic
@mirmayne wow. This is not what I expected to see from the PH crowd.
Daveyon Mayne
Daveyon Mayne@mirmayne · Blogger at
@shuenw I was about to reply to your first insulting message but since you've changed it, I'll be polite. What's wrong with this video? That's the first thing came to mind when I saw this post. I like this product hence I upvoted. So please, tell me, what's wrong with this video??
Paul Brenner
Paul Brenner@paul_brenner
Backed. (Ok... well my wife backed it. Instantly.). I love products like this that find a niche market and serve their needs... Funny that in this case the "niche" market is actually probably a huge portion of the world's population that larger comapnies in the space just haven't been serving because... ... ... I have no idea why.
Jaclyn Fu
Jaclyn FuMaker@jaclyn_fu · Co-Founder of Pepper
@paul_brenner Thank you Paul for the support! We need more companies solving the forgotten "niche" problems!
Tese Omesan
Tese Omesan@tese_omesan · CEO and Storyteller, The Black TCK
Well I'm all for body positivity and serving neglected markets. Well done. I would love to understand who exactly traditional designers are designing for because the majority doesn't seem to be happy with the current designs sold.
Tony Anastasi
Tony Anastasi@tony_anastasi · Filmmaker, works with startups in China.
Be interesting to see how this go's here in China!.. my gf's ( actually all the girls here ) wear bra's with at least 2-3inches of padding.. ( all false advertising ! ) anyhow - I'll send her your link :)