Accept credit cards with zero coding (for freelancers)

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#4 Product of the DayDecember 27, 2014
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Dylan Feltus
Dylan FeltusPro@dylanfeltus · Designer @ConvertKit
Nick Frost
Nick Frost@thinker · Co-Founder & Partner at Blocknauts.
This reminds me of but with a monthly subscription fee instead of additional transaction fees. @drewwilson
Kim Schulz
Kim Schulz@kimschulz · Staff Engineer, Software
Nice idea and the pricing seems very fair. Do the users still have to pay fee to stripe for each transaction besides the fee for payzo?
Opeyemi Obembe
Opeyemi Obembe@kehers · /
Frank Fumarola
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
Cool, reminded me of Plasso, too @thinker Added to payments collection @