Paperback by Tablo

Publish in eBook & Paperback to every bookshop in the world

Tablo is an online publishing platform where you can write, connect with readers, and self-publish in eBook & paperback to nearly every online & physical bookshop in the world.

Creating and publishing a real book with Tablo is as easy as publishing a blog. You can write or upload a document, pick a theme and, with the click of a publish button, your book will be available on Amazon, the iBooks Store, Booktopia, and nearly 40,000 physical bookshops like Barnes & Noble and Readings. It's the largest distribution network available to independent authors, and the simplest way to publish.

Paperback is enabled by a global print-on-demand network that will list your book as in-stock with every retailer, then print and dispatch each copy the moment it's purchased from the closest location to the customer within a few days (there are over 20 printers spread around the world). This means the book you've created online will be available in paperback almost everywhere, with no overheads and no inventory. You'll even ship with Amazon Prime.

Writing and sharing on Tablo is free, with distribution starting at $99/year.

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Hello Product Hunt! Ash here from Tablo. We're really excited to be introducing the new Tablo, with eBook & paperback publishing to nearly every online & physical bookshop in the world. The goal for us has been to make publishing a real book as easy as publishing a blog. Being able to write something online, click publish, and buy it in paperback from nearly any local bookshop is an experience that still takes my breath away. This product is the culmination of about three years of work, which started with a breakthrough we made in a simple Word Document conversion that lets you drop in a file, and our software reads through the book to learn your structure and create a fully typeset book with a working table of contents. The past year has then seen us flat out establishing our distribution network, negotiating print relationships, and designing the simplest possible publishing experience for authors. The result: you can write or drop in a file, click publish, and your real book is available almost everywhere. I'd be delighted to share any insights and answer any questions. Our CTO @alexeckermann is also here to talk more on the technical side. You can also read our full announcement on Tablo here:
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I've been a fan of Ash for quite some time, having been an avid follower of his series and then tracking his transition into Tablo.

Tablo is without a doubt one of the main disruptive forces in the literary world, something we haven't seen since the advent of Amazon in its early days.

This next big step will no doubt solidify Tablo, Ash and his team as one of the most exciting and 'must watch' startups of 2018.


Incredible reach, simple process, reasonable price for small and big authors alike



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This made my day. Thank you Ollie for your support over the years, it really does mean a lot!

Gorgeous UX and the choice of Dante as the text font is amazing. One really WANTS to write. Beautiful job.


Beautifully done.


Can;t think of any right now.

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I am gonna be using this a lot.
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On-demand printing of books has to be the most necessary development for independent writers since... dare I say: 'the internet'? Seriously, this is a game changer. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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