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What is Tablo Publishing?
Tablo is a platform for publishing real books, to every bookshop in the world.

Tablo Publishing tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Tablo Publishing is built with. Tablo Publishing utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

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Paperback by Tablo

Tablo is an online publishing platform where you can write, connect with readers, and self-publish in eBook & paperback to nearly every online & physical bookshop in the world.

Creating and publishing a real book with Tablo is as easy as publishing a blog. You can write or upload a document, pick a theme and, with the click of a publish button, your book will be available on Amazon, the iBooks Store, Booktopia, and nearly 40,000 physical bookshops like Barnes & Noble and Readings. It's the largest distribution network available to independent authors, and the simplest way to publish.

Paperback is enabled by a global print-on-demand network that will list your book as in-stock with every retailer, then print and dispatch each copy the moment it's purchased from the closest location to the customer within a few days (there are over 20 printers spread around the world). This means the book you've created online will be available in paperback almost everywhere, with no overheads and no inventory. You'll even ship with Amazon Prime.

Writing and sharing on Tablo is free, with distribution starting at $99/year.

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The New Tablo Reader
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