Paddle Analytics for Mac

The easiest way for developers to track Mac app usage.

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Since the launch of Apple's Analytics product, we've heard from hundreds of frustrated developers wondering why Apple have abandoned analytics support for the Mac. Being reasonably well known between Mac developers, the team decided we had to do something about it! So we sat down and optimised our existing analytics product with a whole new set of features specifically for Mac developers (regardless of if they sell on the App Store or outside the App Store). The response has been great, with over 100 apps signing up to the tool in just a couple of weeks, we're now tracking millions of Mac sessions every day! Happy to answer any questions about this, and share some numbers if anyone is interested!
We use Paddle for payments on Insanely easy to integrate, and an awesome checkout experience.
Great service! Now we are using for our paid WALTR, but were searching for free analytics solution for our free iBetterCharge. And I think we found one with Paddle Analytics! :)
It was a long road for me to integrate Paddle into my app, Tap Forms Organizer but it wasn't because it was difficult at all to add Paddle. It was primarily because to offer a version of Tap Forms for sale outside the Mac App Store, I had to have an alternative sync solution to iCloud, so I added Dropbox sync for that. You can't have iCloud apps sold outside the Mac App Store. Adding Paddle support was the easy part. The guys at Paddle have been super supportive and just overall great guys to work with. I've really only just started using Paddle for the past couple of weeks and already it's proving to be very valuable. I check my sales and stats every day. I love their commitment to the Mac developer community and the dashboard for developers is super sweet. Forget Aquatic Prime, forget all those other guys, you really need to get Paddle if you want to focus on building great apps and not focus on how to get paid for all your hard work.
Insanely easy way to get insights about your apps with great UI, great folks to work with as well - responsive and friendly. I'm currently integrating just with my OS X apps, but will be including Paddle Analytics in my iOS apps as well, since all it takes is to add the framework to your Xcode project and one line of code to start the analytics. Zero effort for me and priceless info about OS, version, geo, ... usage!