A sensory meditation app

An alternative to structured meditation platforms, Non uses sound to develop the practice of active listening and invite deepened states of consciousness.

Sound provides an immediate and powerful means to find a point of focus and emotionally connect with the present.

Non produces each sound note by note, making no two sessions ever alike.

Catalin Zorzini
Joe J. Lam
Fredric Nord
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  • Emily Niemann
    Emily Niemannmarketing

    not like other meditation apps I have seen, like the variety in color and sound, really catered to the user


    would add a feature that talks about color and its meaning or some more mindful tips about meditation for those who aren't as skilled at it

    tried it once, will try it again with different intensity experience! Cool!

    Emily Niemann has used this product for one day.
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Peter Dziedzicz
Peter Dziedzicz@pdziedzicz · Growth & marketing
Like the idea, but a real question from me - is there a place in a crowdy market for another meditation app?
János Spindler
János Spindler@janosspindler · Branding & Digital Product Designer
@pdziedzicz why not :) ? there‘s also a place for a new note taking app every day.
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
I like the idea of no two sessions being alike. Repetition makes me angry, which takes away from my meditation ability. I will try this! ✌️
Xander Berry
Xander Berry@xanderberry
Have tried this out and like it so far, but was wondering if there is any explanation for the energy level selection (dragging your finger across the color gradient)?
Point in Passing
Point in PassingMaker@pointinpassing
@xanderberry Thanks for testing it out! The general idea for the energy level setting is that the user can roughly define their sound experience along a spectrum from calming to activating. This dichotomy is constantly being analysed and refined as we develop the app. Calming is typically defined as a sound family which creates ease and relief— allowing one to calmly depart from the chaos of the day. On the opposite end of the spectrum are activating sessions, intending to develop a driving and coherent point of focus which can envelop the user in sound and allow for deeply intensive meditative states. This is a living process, where we constantly adjust this value to refine its coherence, but much of the value is determined by the user. Engaging in multiple experiences with the app will begin to create and understanding. Hope this helps!