Nexus 6

The new Google Nexus

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Looks beautiful, specs are great, but what excites me most isn't the most sexy: "Get up to 6 hours of use from only 15 minutes of charging." Please be true. P.S. I spy Monument Valley, @millsustwo! :)
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@rrhoover The nexus is my favorite smartphone. I'll be upgrading to the 6 for sure and that 6 hours on 15 minutes of charging would be killer!
I usually always get the new Nexus phones on launch, but not sure about the screen size. I think the N5 is perfectly sized for anyone with fairly normal hands. But still, it's really not any bigger than the iPhone 6+, as the iPhone has much larger bezels and the useless home button. Who am I kidding, I'll probably end up preordering anyway... The phone looks great!
@kjemperud @SamuelRSolomon That's the only negative so far for me (screen size)....but surely I'll adjust.
@erictwillis @kjemperud Curious what will happen to the N5? Perhaps, it will get a price cut. It is already a competitively priced phone. That may be a viable option.
@SamuelRSolomon @kjemperud I'm going to look into that now.
@SamuelRSolomon @erictwillis @kjemperud Well, I already have the N5, but yeah, it's still a great phone. Camera could be slightly better, but it's actually quite good - much much better than previous Nexus phones.
I kind of like it. The overall specs look promising (screen, RAM, GPU/CPU). But I always disliked the dark-blue color option (same with the Galaxy S series). Curved devices are nice, but I'm sure that the extra space under the bulge won't be used. The battery most likely will be flat again, so there is wasted space. Heck it's 10.6mm thick at the thickest point. I will wait until I get my hands on it.
Unless I missed some news, it looks like Android L is now Android 5.0 Lollipop. After spending about a week with a Samsung Galaxy S5 I'd have to say the Nexus 6 (or 5) looks like the best way to experience Android (so much bloatware on the Samsung devices).
@rustydingo Yes. That's correct. Android L is now Android 5.0 Lollipop.
@erictwillis I like that. Definitely better than Android 5.0 Butterfinger
@rustydingo Yeah. I knew it was a winner when I saw the name was Lollipop.
It's too bad that they made this phone so big, otherwise it would be a certain buy. My HTC One S is two and a half years old and needs to be replaced. I was hoping for something closer to 5 inches. Guess I'll have to keep looking.