Nexus 5X

Google's new flagship Android 5" phone

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I think the logo could be bigger.
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The 1st gen Nexus 5 is probably the best Android phone I've owned. The only culprit it had was its mediocre camera. With the 5X, Google claims to have fixed this. Anxiously awaiting the reviews.
@hanspeide Ditto. Easily the best Nexus I've ever handled. Already pre-ordered. With free shipping, why not?
still waiting on that xperia z5 compact tho. ^^ this thing is still WAY too big.
Great phone. Own 1st get Nexus 5 and it's just great except two averages: battery and camera. Looks like both are improved. Must be great 5" category phone.
Instantly preordered. Although I wish it had stereo front facing speakers like 6P. But if it's anywhere as great as the original N5 this will be killer.