Google Calendar is rolling out a new look for users. Click here to enable it on your person Google accounts (look for the "Use New Google Calendar" button on the top right). For company accounts, ask your admin to enable it✨

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A change to Google Calendar?? First time since when… 2005?
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Long term user of Google Calendar and always been a huge advocate. There are probably better calendar apps out there but the way Google auto syncs my events and flights (from emails) is something that I can't live without.


Seems like everything will flow way better with what I've already got in iOS. I'm still in love with material design.


Still wish they did reminders in a slightly more intuitive way.

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this is rolling out to Google Apps users first (you have to enable it). It looks cool, I've got it enabled, but it will break some extensions if you use those. Click this link to get access: (h/t Techcrunch)
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No update love for me with that link. :-/ Guess I'll just keep waiting.
@_jacksmith lovely! I guess I'll update it right now.
@grberk it's not working?
@arunsathiya Nothing new and fancy in my calendar. No link to move to the new interface.
@_jacksmith Doesn't work for me either.

Every time Google updates a design it increases the size of the fonts, make bigger buttons and add more white space. Why? Not everybody wants less information in the page.




The labs complements stopped working. At least the ones I used, like the world clock

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World Clock is still there. It's now a setting. I miss it being on the right though. It now appears on the left when you turn it on.
Great Product
Wow, finally their Calendar gets a better look.
@erickbarron86 I love the new Google calendar. I make my own designs and offer a free calendar ( Can you evaluate in your opinion?
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