Alphabet's new Google Assisstant has Google Lens support, Google Home support, and dozens of other features to run your voice-first life.

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Google Home using the Chromecast to display more information on the Television is a better approach to visual information than the Echo Show. Hopefully it will work well
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@gabriel__lewis I disagree because there are so many other places that visual information should be displayed where it is impractical to have a TV. Also lightweight actions like ordering replacement items would seem out of place on a big screen. Don't get me wrong it's great in the context of media browsing, but it terms being suited for more contextual use cases Echo Show > Google Home + TV.
@matthewedanwoo Perhaps but if you have a Google Home, and a Chromecast you have the feature immediately via software update, vs having to purchase a new device that has the capability built in. It's too bad that Amazon couldn't have both released the show and display info on a TV connected with an Amazon Fire
@gabriel__lewis true that's a mystery to me why they wouldn't have that integration between their own hardware.
@gabriel__lewis Would be great if it could be displayed on a computer, phone or tablet. Show feels like another unnecessary screen
@matthewedanwoo @gabriel__lewis Personally, I want fewer screen in my life, so I'd love more integration into what I already have (phone, tablet, etc). The Show adds another screen, which is a hassle. However, to your point Mathew's point, a TV is not the most practical device. As I've said many times before, I can't wait until AI is so advanced that we won't need screens for it to be useful.
Now on iPhone and a bunch of improvements Schedule new calendar appointments and create reminders. Make your home smarter. On Google Home Make hands-free calls with Google Home Enjoy more music, movies and TV shows. Get visual responses from the Assistant on your TV with Chromecast Also: developers can build conversational apps for the Google Assistant on phones And in the coming months, with Google Lens—a new way for computers to “see”—you’ll be able to learn more about things around you, and even take action based on your surroundings, while you’re in a conversation with your Assistant. If you see a marquee for your favorite band, you can hold up your Assistant, tap the Lens icon and get information on the band, tickets and more.
Interested to see the competition with Bixby Vision too. Just got the S8, and haven't had a Samsung in about 10 years (I'm really happy with it so far).
Unfortunately not available in Sweden. As usual...
@magnusburton Same in Hong Kong. Google isn't learning so fast. Maybe they should ask Siri. 🙊