Neurostimulation headband to hack your brain ๐Ÿง 

Sleep better, de-stress and boost energy with this next-generation neurostimulation headband.
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Hey Product Hunt ๐Ÿ‘‹ My name is Benjamin and I am representing Omnipemf team which debuted NeoRhythm device on Indiegogo on 7th October. We managed to get project funded in just 44 hours since launch and we were trending on the Indiegogo Popular project page in just 24 hours after launch. Since we are pleased and honored to represent our project on Product Hunt we have a Secret Perk for you guys! Check it out: What is NeoRhythm? NeoRhythm is the latest innovation in the rapidly developing field of neuroscience, using a non-invasive magnetic method of neuromodulation to target specific areas of the brain with the purpose of helping the user reach a desired state of mind such as sleep, deep meditation, relaxation, focus and more. I am ready to answer your questions :) Regards, Benjamin
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@benjaminneo i saw your device is confirmed by scientific studies, where can we see this studies?
@long_johns Hello Long Johns, yes Neorhythm was confirmed by two double blind placebo studies and you can access them on the links below. Relaxation study: Attention study: Best, Benjamin
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Can you share how your product differs from the Deltasleeper SR1 ( and the modius sleep ( I know that one is PEMF and the other TDCS, but how are the effects of your device likely to differ?
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@mark_olson2 Hello Mark, Dealtasleeper SR1 delivers a weak pulsing electromagnetic signal to induce sleep and produces a magnetic field with the strength of 0.05 gausses. NeoRhythm is an MI (medium intensity) rTMS wearable device. NeoRhythm uses medium-intensity magnetic fields with a maximum magnetic flux density of 20-25 Gauss (2-2.5 mT), and it is the only device that can be effective up to an 8cm distance from the device itself. (we have added to the package a tester with a magnet, which demonstrates to you that Neorhythm induces pulses up to 8cm from the headband.) So the magnetic field NeoRhythm produces is around 500 times stronger than the one from the SR1, so the effects are more long term and effective when referring to our device. The Modius SLEEP headset works by stimulating the vestibular nerve via electrodes which are adhered to the mastoid area behind each ear. As understood from their website it stimulates a particular area (indirect influence on the hypothalamus) that is connected to sleep, while NeoRhythm activates the largest brain stimulation area ever given its 5 inverted coils very strategically positioned which is why besides the Improve sleep program we offer 6 more (Pain control, Theta meditation, Enhance mental capacity, Meditation for calming and synchronization, Deep relaxation, Energy ad vitality ). All the devices live up to their standards, and we do not diminish or negate the effectiveness of either. I hope that answered you question. Regards, Benjamin
I see they already achieved goal in just 44 hours. Looks like a good project. I backed them and went with Super early bird offer.
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@david443 Thank you for your trust!
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Ali Boutaghane
This is one heck of a scary thing I have seen in a while.
@wasim_ullah Hello, Wasim. It shouldn't scare you. It is totally non-invasive.