Neighbourly by Google is a Q&A app for your neighborhood, currently in beta in India.

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Oh boy this feels like Google plus, late to the game. Nextdoor is killing it. However I don't think Nextdoor is huge internationally so seems like Google is trying to land grab elsewhere.
@cbenkendorf Nextdoor what? I want something like it, here in Canada. Come on, do it before I have to make one myself.
Don't sweat it Nextdoor, this is likely to be abandoned sometime in the next year. Really wishing Google would partner with companies that have a vision and already have a product out and provide the best of tech + data instead of providing a service without a vision and just only relying on data.
@tostartafire so true! Most of these bigwigs are reinventing the wheel. Wish they would partner/support ideas instead.
Isn't this like what Google maps already does with questions and answers? Its nice i like it just wondering what will be different
@theproteangirl My thoughts as well. I could see a location based hub area within Google Maps. That would be sweet! Yelp and Nextdoor should be really scared when Google controls maps.
Another messaging / community app from Google, this time launching first in India. πŸ‘
@nickabouzeid Awesome hunt man! I'm from India, would definetely give it a try πŸ˜‹
@biraj Your comment made me check out Tidily, looks tidy indeed!
@irhymeth ha ha...that's awesome ! hope you'll enjoy it 😊
@biraj I think I will! Been looking for an easy task/reminder app without too many features. Will there by an Android app?
@irhymeth That's exactly the goal, keeping it simple with essential features rather than having a lot of "nice to have" features... Android and IOS app + offline first is in our roadmap but it may take a bit time as we will have to expand our team to do that and for that we will have to launch our paid plans first, but it is one of our top priorities. And don't worry the paid plan won't effect current users. Also a newer version with some new useful elements is coming soon..maybe in 3-4 weeks at stay tuned!
Thrilled that Mumbai (where I live) is the beta testing ground for this app. Been playing around with it all night and I find it interesting. Neighbourly is a way to tap into your hyper local community to ask questions and get answers. For instance, if you wish to know where you can find a dry cleaner or who sells a particular brand of imported cookie, you can simply ask in the app. Questions are tagged by location and so, people can reply with answers specific to that zone. There are badges that you win based on your interaction with the community. These are similar in spirit to the ones used in Google Local guides. Pros: love the hyper localised questions and answers. Helps create a great recommendation network Cons: there is a word limit in the answer box. This prevents me from explaining why I am choosing a particular place/service as the best option. So, I have to break it into multiple answers. That feels a bit tedious and spammy.