Atta ⚡️

Atta ⚡️

Founder, AcquireBase 🌱


💻 Software Engineer 🌟 Indie Maker 🛠 Building - a marketplace for buying and selling internet startups for free! ✍ #JavaScript #Node #Spring #Protips



Maker History

  • Parking Access
    Parking Access
    Book the Cheapest Airport Parking. Earn $10 Rewards Credit.
    Sep 2019
  • Weekly Design
    Top design articles, resources and jobs, every Monday 10am.
    Jan 2018
  • Top Patreon Creators
    Top Patreon Creators
    A forever changing list of top 100 creators on Patreon
    Dec 2017
  • Open Milestone
    Share your product timeline 🕤 build more loyal customers 💰
    Nov 2017
  • Wired Dots
    Wired Dots
    Free Bootstrap Themes & UI Kits for Startups
    Sep 2017