ML Kit (beta) is a new SDK that brings Google’s machine learning expertise to mobile developers in a powerful, yet easy-to-use package on Firebase.

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Hello Hunters, I am on the ML Kit team. With ML Kit, we are hoping to make Machine Learning a lot less exceptional, making it available and useful to more mobile developers. We were also focused on solving practical challenges, like enabling dynamic model downloads so your APK size doesn't balloon and also enabling you to update your models without needing to push another app update. Finally, using Firebase Remote Config, you can now A/B test multiple models with a single line of code! Let us know what you think!!
@ielbouchikhi ML Kit looks awesome. Congrats on the release! Any chance of releasing some of the APIs for the web?
@beekay__ Thank you Bilal! We are looking at bringing some of it to the web, but our focus at the moment is Android/iOS, got to keep polishing those two first :)
@ielbouchikhi Cool stuff. Anything for web developers? Will this work with the existing Firebase javascript SDK?
@ielbouchikhi Just saw Bilal's comment (and your response).
@msitver we are hearing this from a number of developers, so we are taking a closer look. If it were to be available for web development, how would you prefer that to happen?
Interesting.. I just saw this on Firebase I did not know it just launched. Apple made machine learning available through their SDK which was cool but this enables bigger projects as a backend service. Firebase has been my go to for mobile for a while. Thanks for the good work.