Missive 3.0

Team communication app now supporting FB, Twitter & SMS

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Missive is a collaborative email app where you’ll feel right at home. On top of that, it lets you manage Facebook, SMS and Twitter accounts from a single place.

Chat, tasks and assignment bring seamless collaboration around these external channels. Teammates can even proofread and collaboratively compose drafts in real-time.

  • Jean-Philippe Sirois
    Jean-Philippe SiroisFront-end Engineer

    - Real Email Collaboration

    - Responsive Team

    - Multi-swipe on mobile

    - API

    - Fast release life cycle

    - Lots of little neat details


    The only one I can’t see is no native Linux App, I’ve lots of colleagues that are on Linux. But no big deal since it’s 100% Web Based

    We all know email is here to stay, especially the guys at Missive. That’s probably why they decided to wrap everything around it and bring it next level especially for collaboration.

    Jean-Philippe Sirois has used this product for one year.
  • Jean-Philippe Boily
    Jean-Philippe BoilyFounder @ Metrics Watch & Simple Segment

    - One tool to rule them all (email, chat, social)

    - Powerful (collaboration, comments, rules, API, etc)

    - Fast, very fast.

    - Mobile app


    None that I can think of.

    Try swiping multiple messages on mobile, you'll be amazed!

    Jean-Philippe Boily has used this product for one year.
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Philippe Lehoux
Philippe LehouxMaker@plehoux
Hi everyone. I’m Phil, co-founder at Missive. For those who don’t know us, we're a small team of three developers located in Quebec City, Canada. You might know Missive as a collaborative email client. Today, we're shipping a big new update, one that extends the reach of Missive beyond email with social media, SMS and a new API! The addition of social media mailboxes (Twitter @mentions and DM, Facebook Pages Messenger) and SMS (via Twilio) brings us one step closer to breaking the many silos between your various communication channels. We are also excited about the introduction of our API that will let Missive users enrich their conversations with data from other apps (e.g. notifications from Github, Stripe, Canny etc.). Our main goal is to convince teams to move away from their lonely email client and chaotic chat app and break the silos between external and internal communication once and for all. Read more about the release: https://missiveapp.com/blog/twit...
Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO, ConquerApathy.com
@plehoux This is fantastic! For anyone wondering if Missive is worth a look, I switched my team to it several months ago - after trying tons of options - and I'm SO glad I did. Philippe and his team are super responsive too...they fixed a couple small bugs I reported on the demo call in a couple days, and the new features just keep coming. Keep up the great work guys!
Philippe Lehoux
Philippe LehouxMaker@plehoux
@imakestrides Thanks Kyle! Really appreciated. :)
Ravi Srinivasan
Ravi Srinivasan@ravsydney · Founder - TruContacts.com
The email is dead! Long live the email!
Julien Brault
Julien BraultHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
This is so cool! So now, you're replacing Zoho/Google Apps, Slack AND Hootsuite???? You guys are AWESOME!!! Can schedule social media posts with it as well?
Philippe Lehoux
Philippe LehouxMaker@plehoux
@julienbrault1 At the moment, it works only for replies. Next week update will let you create and send Tweets and SMS too, using the Send later functionality will let you schedule. Obviously, there are better software for this use case, but if your needs are simple it should do the trick.
Julien Brault
Julien BraultHiring@julienbrault1 · CEO at Hardbacon
@plehoux That's super cool. Will try to convince my co-founders to ditch Slack.
Philippe Lehoux
Philippe LehouxMaker@plehoux
@julienbrault1 Let me help you, just book a tour with me and him/her :) https://calendly.com/philippe-fr...
Aaron Myers
Aaron Myers@amyers · eCommerce Guy
Missive has transformed the way that we handle emails. Keep up the good work, Philippe and team!
Andrew Rasmussen
Andrew Rasmussen@a13n · Founder of Canny
Missive is one of my favorite tools. We've been using it for over a year, and it just keeps getting better and better! I'm going to plug in our social accounts now.
Philippe Lehoux
Philippe LehouxMaker@plehoux
@a13n Tks Andrew!