Mind maps are an innovative new view for the Zenkit project management platform. With mind map view, you can brainstorm new ideas, map your business, or plan your project, then immediately switch to other views to start working on your ideas right away!

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Thank you so much for hunting us @growwithjason We always loved mind maps here at Zenkit! They helped us brainstorm effectively and find connections between ideas, but we always had to abandon them for other tools as we progressed through a project. No more. Today mind map view for Zenkit was released (as featured in MakeUseOf: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/tre...). Now, finally, you can evolve with your mind map – once you start needing other tools, you can simply switch views! We think the best kind of mind map isn’t a mind map at all! You can keep the connections in place, while working with your ideas in a table, Kanban board, calendar or list. The ideas you start with in your mind map follow you through your project development. And you can create multiple mind maps from one data set and existing ideas, so you can always see your ideas differently. We think that it’s pretty cool, so we made it free for everyone! Cheers, Martin
@martinwelker @growwithjason You guys are freaking amazing. Still hoping for an easy way to add content to Zenkit via the web like Trello & Evernote though. Thoughts?
@xtoq Thanks so much! We're working on a lot of stuff and that's very high on the list. In the meantime we've been testing Zapier to fill in the gap. Are you familiar with it? If you'd like to test with us we'd love to have you. Just send an email to hello@Zenkit.com Cheers.
@em_ebert @zenkit Yeah, I use Zapier and IFTTT. I have a whole crazy life quantified system I'm always tweaking that uses them both pretty heavily. I prefer IFTTT because of their higher limit on free plans (for now) but Zapier has a lot of integrations that IFTTT does not. Definitely want to test, I'll send you an email later today!
@xtoq Sounds great! I'll look out for it.
Cool update from Zenkit! The mind map view is now free for all users.
Zenkit user here! Switched from Trello about a month ago and never looked back 👌 Really excited about this feature and can't wait to try it. Are you also planning on implementing Gantt charts?
@einkoenig Thanks Jan 😊 Let us know what you think! Yes, we're definitely going to release a Gantt chart view to really round off the project management aspect of it.
@siororke cool! currently mostly using the kanban(/swimlanes) view and I'm interested how the transition between all the different views is going to look like
This is a pretty cool update, thanks guys. There are lots of different mindmap tools out there but most of them are just clunky or not easy to use where the guys from Zenkit prove again that they can create well designed and simple productivity tools
@baybayin Hi Kristian, We're in the final stages of testing. If you'd like to test with us, just send an email to hello@zenkit.com It should be released to everyone soon.
@em_ebert @baybayin @zenkit anyupdate on the ios apps? AND are there any other desktop or android apps in development?
@baybayin @brucekraftjr Hey guys, I know that this is old, but I wanted to give a quick update for others. We released our iOS app (https://thenextweb.com/apps/2017... ) and are in final testing of our Android app. Native desktop apps will follow that release.
@baybayin @em_ebert need help beta testing the android app?
@brucekraftjr I'm not 100% sure if they're taking new testers, but you can sign up at www.zenkit.com/apps. If you have any trouble, just let me know.