Math Brain

Level up your math skills with many interesting exercises.

Math Brain - an iOS app to help you upgrade your math skills. Develop concentration, reaction, and speed of your brain by performing daily exercises. Achieve arithmetic abilities in basic operations - multiplication, division, subtraction, and addition.
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10 Reviews5.0/5
I like math quizzes! Seems interesting..
Great app! Waiting for Android version
I downloaded it and looks nice and playing a round is fun, but when you start the app you get a screen for an optional subscription. There the "X" button is so small, that it's super easy to overlook it. I understand that you want to get paying customers, but imho this approach is a bit shady. My recommendation: Set the focus to the subscription but give the user still the chance to spot the "X" button.
Nice work! An interesting idea would be to gate some sort of "reward" behind each math problem. If I do work I expect a reward!